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Blogging Techmantra is a technical based Google News Approved blog. Blogging Techmantra includes other topics along with technical information. All the articles written on this blog are written in a very simple and focused manner so that whoever reads the article can get accurate information.

Who is the founder of Blogging Techmantra?

Hello friends, the word founder is too big for me, so I just write an article in it. If you see, you are the real founder, because of which this blog runs.

Introduction - Main lk Thinker real name is JAHANZAIB KHATRI. I am 28 years old now and I have been living in KARACHI for almost 20 years.

jAHANZAIB KHATRI Founder of Blogging Techmantra

Education -

I was a good student in initial studies but around 10th my graph started to fall, the reason behind this may be due to which I picked up steam after some time and started on the right path after which I did 12th then I did BA Political Hons. degree but now the question arises that how can I impart technical knowledge with BA Political Hons then I would like to tell you that during BA I took admission in an institute from where I did O Level and since then I have been in the technical field. The interest started after which I started a blog named Blogging Techmantra.

How to start blogging?

Talking about blogging, I did most of my writing from UC News Media where I wrote many articles and from which I also earned money, but one day I came to know about a blog on which you can write articles according to your knowledge and which I Felt much better than UC News so I started blogging without delay.

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The biggest thing is that I forgot to say that thank you for giving so much time to Blogging Techmantra and keep loving and sharing Blogging Techmantra.

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