O level it tools ke important questions

Hello friends, I am going to tell you an important questions about the IT tools today.

                      o level

Let's start O level  It tools ke important questions

1.What is the difference between ram and ROM
2.Difference system software and application software
3.Explain the following Linux element?
      - kernel
      - shell
      - file system
4.Difference between
      - interpreter and compiler
      - ddl and dml
      - primary key and foreign key
      - micr and ocr
5.Convert the hexadecimal number d6fa into decimal number and octal number..(example)
6.Difference between spam and virus?
7.Difference between High language and low level language
8.What is work of header and footer
9.  Define the function of spreadsheet software?
10. Difference Multiprogramming and multiprocessing?
11. Mail merge describe?
12. What is mean of ecommerce?
13. Draw internal diagram of computer system and explain in brief the application
various component.
14. What is the operating system?
15. Explain the cell referencing?
16. Difference between dbms and sql.
17. Make a notes these following topic
   - custom animation
  - slide transition
  - cache memory
  - Endnote and footnote
so friends 
these are important questions of o level it tools. I hope you enjoy this post.

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